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Jet Grind Radio

Get to play as Goji Rokkaku:
To play as Goji, you first have to unlock the three previous gangs 
(Poison Jam, Love Shockers, and Noise Tank), and then get a jet 
ranking on the Grind City stages. 

Get to play as Love Shockers:
To play as these guys you have to complete every Shibuya-cho stage 
with a jet rating. 

Get to play as Noise Tank:
To play as the toxic gang, complete every Benten-cho stage with a 
jet rating. 

Get to play as Poison Jam:
You can play as the gang members with the funny monster costumes 
by getting a jet ranking on ever Kogane-cho Story stage. 

Get to play as Potts the Dog:
To get to play as Jet Grind's dog, you first have to complete the 
game and have all of the previous characters (Goji, Love Shockers, 
Noise Tank, and Poison Jam) unlocked. Next you have to play through 
the game again and complete Monster of Kogane before Benten Boogie. 
After Chapter 2, Noise Tank will challenge you. Win that challenge 
to get to play as Potts. 

Secret Items:
First, complete the entire game from beginning to end, Then after 
the credits, save the defeated game onto your VMU. Restart the 
system, and then go play the following in succession. System 
Crush, Jet Technique and Jet Grafitti in the Tokyo levels and 
Benton street. On Jet technique, do a X10 Combo vs. your opponent 
and you should recieve boost jets, extra spray cans, faster skates 
and much more. Keep doing the combo to get more and more of what 
was just described. 

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