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WWF Attitude

Career mode bonuses:
Select a wrestler and win the WWF title in career mode to unlock all hidden 
wrestlers, and unlock other bonuses, such as Ego Mode, Squeaky Mode, Big 
Heads, Bleep Mode, additional costumes and others. A new feature will be 
awarded for each PPV victory or title. 

European title
Trainer selectable, New Creations Options, Squeaky Mode 

Intercontinental title
Extra Attribute Points, Big Head Mode 

Heavyweight title
Beep Mode, Ego Mode, Head selectable 

In Your House PPV
Sable and Marc Mero selectable 

King of the Ring PPV
Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku selectable 

Royal Rumble PPV
Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer selectable 

Summer Slam PPV
Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels selectable 

Survivor Series PPV
Jaqueline and Chyna selectable 

Bonus details: 

Squeaky Mode
Wrestler voices sound squeaky and fast. 

Extra Attributes
Gives three extra attributes points toward your created character. 

Big Heads
Gives the wrestlers big heads. 

Ego Mode
When the crowd is chanting the wrestler's name, their head will inflate. 

New Custom Stuff
More clothes and selections in creation mode. 

Beep Mode
Unlock "Bleeped Out" option on the language menu under utilities. Enable that 
option to bleep out all foul language. 

Play as Shane McMahon:
Win the WWF Title in career mode with a created wrestler under the hard 
difficulty setting.

Play as Test:
Win the WWF Title in career mode with Jerry Lawler under the hard difficulty 

Hardcore match weapons:
You can use the weapons in a Hardcore match a certain number of times. The 
following list has the number of hits for each weapon and if it can be found 
outside or inside the ring. If your opponent is stunned, hit him with a 
weapon with two hitpoints, so he will be stunned again after the last hit. 
If your opponent is awake, hit him with a weapon with one or three hitpoints.

Weapon          Hits    Location  

Stop Sign       3       In 
The Urn         2       In 
The Cup         2       In  
Steel Chair     2       Out 
Guitar          2       Out 
Guitar Box      2       In 
TV              1       In 
Table           1       Out 
File Case       3       In 
Baseball Bat    1       Out 
Board           3       Out 
Microphone      2       In  
Ladder          2       In 
Sheet metal     2       In 
Trash Can       2       In 
Loo             3       In 
Camera          2       In 
Broom           3       Out 
Shovel          3       Out 
Ring Bell       3       In 
Head            2       In 

Reveal moves:
To learn the finishers or any other move for a wrestler, enter creation 
mode and select his or her move set. Then, go to edit to learn how to do 
any of their moves. Also, pause game play when in the ring and go to 
movelist. The game will display all moves that can be done at the 
appropriate time, such as all the Tieup moves, etc. 

Other move information: 

The Rock
Layin the smack down: Left, Right , Down, Punch
Status: Ready
Samoan drop: Down, Left, Circle, Tieup 
Status: Ready
The Rock Bottom: Left, Right, Down, Triangle 
Status: Opponent's health meter is in red 

Double-team moves:
Begin a tag team, tornado or two-on-one match. To perform the following moves 
each player should press Tieup simultaneously, except for the last move, in 
which only the player onthe turnbuckle needs to press Tieup. 

Double Suplex
Status: Both in front of the opponent 

Double Powerbomb
Status: One player in front of opponent, one behind 

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Status: Both players at opponent's feet 

Doomsday Device
Status: Opponent on one player's shoulder, other player on top turnbuckle 

Single player tag team match double-team moves:
Use the following steps to use double team moves when you are in a one player 
tag team match. Note: Your opponent has to be stunned. 

Double Suplex
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Standing in front of opponent
Call in your partner and he will stand next you. Then, hold Tieup and you 
will do the Suplex. 

Double Powerbomb
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Behind Opponent (not tied up)
Call in your partner and he will stand in front of your opponent. Then, hold 
Tieup and you will do the Powerbomb. 

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Opponent status: On ground
Player status: At opponent's legs
Call in your opponent and he will stand next to you. Then, hold Tieup and 
you will do the Legsplitter. 

Hold Kick + Tieup and press Up, Left, Down, or Right during a match. 

Easy move after knockdown:
After you knock down your opponent, or he knocks you out, enter a move combo 
and hold the last button. When you or your opponent gets up, the move will 
be executed. 

Fake stun:
Press Dodge when your opponent is doing a move on your wrestler. If done 
correctly, your wrestler will pretend to be stunned. Do not move to remain 
in the fake stun. This trick is useful when playing against a human 
opponent. If they pick your wrestler up during a fake stun, you can easily 
do a move to them. 

Call for help:
Wait until your wrestler's energy is in the red while your opponent is 
still green. Press R+ A. to call for help. Alternately, press L + R. 

Extra shirts:
Use the following trick to get extra shirts. Chose any shirt, but make it 
completely black. Go to the tattoo option, and chose any tattoo. The 
tattoo will appear on the shirt, creating a new shirt. This works 
especially well with the "ATTITUDE" tattoo. 

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