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Sega Bass Fishing

Change lure color:
Press Up or Down in original mode to choose a alternate lure color. 

Sonic lure:
Successfully complete all five professional tournaments in original mode. 

Female character:
Press A + B at the arcade mode level selection screen. 

Alternate clothes and boat color:
Reach the final tournament in original mode for new clothes and boat color. 

Secret practice levels:
Successfully complete the game once in arcade mode. Three new levels will be 
unlocked under practice mode. Successfully complete Lake Paradise in original 
mode to unlock the Palace level in practice mode. Successfully complete Lake 
Crystal in original mode to unlock the Falls level in practice mode. 

Keeping low line tension:
After your tension gets up very high in red, sweep the Analog-stick in 
clockwise full circles. If done correctly, the tension will go down extremely 
low, allowing you to reel in big fish. Keep sweeping the Analog-stick to 
cause the fish to become tired.

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