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Mag Force Racing

All tracks and Tripods:
Highlight the "Tripod Select" option at the main menu. Then, hold X + Y and 
press Up, Left, Down, Right(2), Up, Down, Right. 

All power-ups are triple missiles:
Enter MISSI as a code. 

All power-ups are turbo rams:
Enter TURBO as a code. 

Turbo ram auto-pilot:
Enter AUTOM as a code. 

Invisible Tripods:
Enter GHOST as a code. 

CPU controlled bonus Tripods:
Enter HUND as a code. 

Alternate sound effects:
Enter RETRO as a code. 

Debug mode:
Enter JOHNM as a code. All items and weapons will be named "Malkovich", but 
will still function correctly. 

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