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Gauntlet Legends

Full pause screen:
Pause game play, then press X + Y. 

Screen saver:
Leave the game idle for a long time and a screen saver will appear.

Using two-player bridges:
You can use the two-player bridges in single player mode in two ways:

Step on the switch, and if you are very lucky, you will make it. 

With an enemy on the other end of where the bridge would be, step on the 
switch, lure it onto the bridge, then cross. 

Maximum levels:
Note: A controller with an auto-fire feature is useful for this trick. Begin 
game play in the first level in the mountain world. Go to the second set of 
stairs. Stand in front of the stairs and keep holding Fire. Unlimited green 
trolls will keep coming at you. Leave the game in this position for as long 
as needed to maximize your levels.

Fighting the dragon:
Every time the dragon shoots fire, run behind a rock. You will get the 
timing correct if you practice. Soon you will know exactly when to run. When 
it shoots a fire ball (not a fire flame or anything else) and if you have 
successfully got behind a rock, it will hit the rock which will turn red. Do 
it again and the rock will break. One of the rocks has 3-way shot inside. 
Take it and fire the 3-way shot at the dragon to kill it quickly. 

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