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Evolution: The World Of Sacred Device

Bypass dialogue:
Press B before a move is made during a battle. 

Double attack:
Attack a monster from behind to give your characters two attacks in a row.

Extra money:
Successfully complete the game and save it. Load the saved game to start with more 

Save money:
To save money when you have another character and you get to the final floor, switch 
to Gre and defeat the Boss. Also, Gre has the power to make the Boss wait longer.

Unlimited Naolin Gold:
On the carrier where you fight Eugene is a room with a soldier lying on the bed. The 
window on the door has a red cross on it. Approach the shelf towards the back of the 
room and you will get a Naolin Gold each time that you talk to it.

Spray parts:
Go to the Shade Ruins to get the spray parts.

Hammer parts:
Go to the Sheol Ruins to get the hammer parts.

Defeating Eugene's second form:
"On Eugene's ship, near the end of the game, you will have to face Eugene's tank 
form. Bring Pepper Box and Gre Nade along in your party, equip Pepper's "Bullet 
parts", have at least four Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits, and be at least level 75 
for each character. Use Pepper Box as the main attacker in the battle, with her 
"Pepper Flash" attack, Mag as the main healer attacker with his "Recovery and Hand 
parts", and use Gre Nade to give Pepper Box the Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits after 
she uses "Pepper Flash". If Eugene is still alive and you run out of FP for Pepper 
and you have no more Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits, use Mag to attack with "Magna 
Rave" attack and the battle should be over soon.

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