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Elemental Gimmick Gear

Enemy list:
Locate the two computers near the first save location at the beginning of the game. 
Use the "Talk" command at this location to view a list of enemies and extra 
graphics from the game. 

Hidden artwork:
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find more images from the 
game, including a comic strip. 

Regain health:
Wait until your character has less than eleven hit points. Then, stand on stairs 
and allow an opponent to hit your character to regain up to eleven hit points. 

Odd creature:
Do the following after getting the fire elemental, but before getting the ice 
elemental. When you get the fire elemental, you can burn away the log at the south 
end of the map guarded by the hedgehog thing. Go through and you will see three 
hedgehogs and a computer. Examine the area and the computer, then leave. Make sure 
you have at least 1,000 gabaros and pay the donation (all your money) to the kid. 
This opens up Luckie's Leisure Land inside the pipe in town. Spin yourself in there. 
Go into the second room inside and examine the container by the wall. Then, go about 
your business at the north side and get the ice elemental. Return south to where you 
burned away the log and enter the area. You will leave your EGG to investigate the 
creature on the ground, and pick him up. Return to Luckie's World, and deposit the 
creature into the container by the wall. Feed it fire elemental crystals until it is 
full. Go get more and do it again. Visit it a third time and a creature will emerge 
from the container. Press Action and he will spit up about three items. It is 
random, and may result in a defense or an attack capsule. Note: He will steal health 
points, gabaros, and elemental crystals in the process. 

There is a creature in the room in the cave up north, where you get the attack 
crystal after you freeze the water and get the flower to spit you across. The 
creature is in the room below where you fought the centipede Boss. It is in the room 
you entered to open the Boss' room.

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