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Exhibition mode:

Successfully complete all twenty Blue Impulse missions. Exhibition mode 
includes new maneuvers which were previously unavailable. 

Bonus options:

Enter TASCAS as a name. Select the "Special" choice on the options menu to 
access "HUD", "Cockpit", and "Player Assist" options. 

Bonus mission:

Successfully complete Sky Mission Attack 1 through 7. Sky Mission Attack 8 
will be unlocked. 

Five or six jet formation:

Successfully complete Sky Mission Attack 1 through 8. An option to fly a 
five or six jet formation in free flight mode will be unlocked. 

Bonus fighters:

Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding aircraft.

Fighter                 Mission 

Blue Impulse T-4        Blue Impulse 10  
T-2                     Blue Impulse 15 
F-86F                   Blue Impulse 20 
F-4EJ Sky               Mission Attack 1  
F-1 Sky                 Mission Attack 2 
F-15DJ Sky              Mission Attack 3  
Gray F-4EJ  Sky         Mission Attack 4  
F-2 (F-16) Sky          Mission Attack 5  
Dolphin Sky             Mission Attack 8  

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