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4 Wheel Thunder

Full pause screen:
Pause game play, then press X + Y. 

Extra tracks in championship mode:
Successfully complete championship mode to unlock the Atlas Sandstorm, Corsica 
Rain, Far West Night, Iceland Snow, Scandinavia Storm, and Norway Night tracks. 

Extra tracks in outdoor arcade mode:
Successfully complete outdoor arcade mode to unlock the Scandinavia, Jordan, 
Greece Sunset, Norway, Iceland, Atlas, Alps, and Canada Rain tracks. 

Extra tracks in indoor arcade mode:
Successfully complete indoor arcade mode to unlock the Indoor Scandinavia, 
Indoor Far West, Indoor Iceland, Indoor Atlas, and Greece Daylight tracks. 

Extra monster trucks:
Successfully complete championship mode to unlock three hidden monster trucks.

Fast start:
Press R + A (using the default controller setting) when "Go" appears during 
the countdown at the start of the race. If done correctly, you will get a 
four second boost and also start the race faster. 

Retry jackpot bonus:
Complete a race in championship mode, then save your game. If you are awarded 
the jackpot bonus, but lose, simply reload your saved game to try again.

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