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X-Men vs. Street Fighter

99-hit Super Combo:

While player one is doing is super combo, have player 2 join in. The
number of hits will keep going up until it reaches 99. 

Extra Hits on Super Combos:

While doing a super combo, slide your hand back and forth on the
buttons pressing the same strength punch and kick simultaneously. Do
this as fast as you can. 95% of the time you'll only get a few more hits
but if you do it perfectly you can get a lot more. 

Kick Them When They're Down:

Press Start when you win a round. You can now walk around and beat up the
character on the ground. 

Play as Akuma:

At the character select screen, highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or
M.Bison and press Up. Akuma's picture box will appear. 

Play as Alpha Chun-Li:

At the character select screen, highlight Chun-Li, hold the START button
and press any action button to choose Chun-Li in her Street Fighter Alpha

Play as Shadow:

To play as the Shadow, highlight Dhalsim on the character selection screen.
Now hold the joystick UP for at least 10 seconds, then tap JAB, PUNCH and

Play as the Same Character:

Enter the random selection code, and if you can make it stop on the
highlighted character, the highlight will remain there, enabling you to
select the same character twice. This does some strange things to the life
bars, so be careful. It may also screw up the palette for one of the
characters on the selection grid, but this will not effect game play. 

Random Character Selection:

Highlight one of the leftmost characters (Sabretooth, Wolverine, etc.) or
the rightmost characters, then press and hold the joystick away from the
selection grid. 

Rogue's Hidden Win Pose:

To view another win pose, you must first make sure that one of your
characters is Rogue. Then, you need to beat the opponent with Rogue. Don't
use a Team Super to do this! Then, before Rogue does her win pose, hold all
three punches or kicks. Rogue will turn around and give you a nice view of
her butt! 

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