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X-Men: Children of the Atom

Play as Akuma:

 Pit this Super Street Fighter boss against the X-Men! As Player One at
 the  character-select screen, move the cursor to  Spiral  in the lower
 right-hand  corner and hold it there  for  two  seconds.  Then, in one
 motion, move the cursor left across the bottom row of characters until
 you reach Iceman. Continuously move back one to the right to Colossus,
 up on to Cyclops,  right two  (past Wolverine)  to Omegs Red, and down
 to Silver  Samurai. Wait  on  Silver  Samurai  for  two  seconds, then
 simultaneously press Fierce Punch, Fierce Kick, and Quick Kick.  Akuma
 will jump down and pose for you.  His moves are exactly the same as in
 Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

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