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War: Final Assault

All Hidden Characters and War Master rank 
Insert your credits and start. At the main menu, go and click on 
"ENTER I.D." Enter your name as Lee, then enter your P.I.N number 
as 6969, then hit end or enter. If done correctly, you will see 
that it says you have War Master rank at the bottom right in the 
box with green words. To select your character, move your joystick 
left or right.  

Alternate Characters 
At the Character Selection Screen, move the joystick to the right or 
the left to show the alternate characters that can be selected. 

Become Executioner at any level 
Highlight the guy with the sunglasses and press the view button 
5 times. Move the joystick left or right once or twice and you 
can become the executioner even if you are a grunt.  

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