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San Francisco Rush 2049

Drive '70 Cuda 
To drive the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, register for "Team Rush" 
and log 100 miles. At the milages listed below it will be 
upgraded and painted a different color!

 100 Miles - MELLO (Yellow)
 200 Miles - BLUBYU (Blue)
 400 Miles - GOFAST (Yellow-Green)
1000 Miles - DABOMB (Black)
1500 Miles - HOTROD (Flames)
2049 Miles - NDRCVR (Red)
5000 Miles - Crush (Orange)


Drive Da' Bomb 
To play as Da' Bomb you must first join team rush. Earn 1000 
miles and you will then be able to change the color on the 
70' Cuda to a Black Cuda with the back-end raised and the engine 
coming out of the hood. 

Note: this car can send almost any other car flying with a single bump! 

Drive a Cop Car 
When you join team rush type in: 911 as your code. 

Entering 75477379# on the keypad makes driving surfaces "Slippery" 

Toggle Drones 
To toggle drones on and off, press Music and View 2 buttons while 
selecting your car.  

Unlock New Car Versions 
These cars will only be available on the track you unlock them on. 
Get 25 coins on any track to have "Car 5" 
Get 50 coins for car 5 "red gonzo-r" 
Get 75 coins for car 5 "contender" 
Get 100 coin for car 5 "Team Rush" 

Unlock tracks 4 & 5 
To get get tracks 4 & 5 hold down the music button while seclecting a track. 

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