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Street Fighter: The Movie

Classic Soundtracks:

To hear some classic soundtracks from Street Fighter II, enter these
codes on the VS screen. 

RYU			-Jab,Jab,Strong
Vega			-Jab,Jab,Fierce
Guile		-Jab,Jab,Short
Sagat		-Jab,Jab,Forward
Ken			-Jab,Jab,Roundhouse
Honda		-Strong,Strong,Jab
Chun Li		-Strong,Strong,Fierce
Cammy		-Strong,Strong,Short
Fei Long		-Strong,Strong,Forward
Balrog		-Strong,Strong,Roundhouse
Blanka		-Fierce,Fierce,Jab
Bison 		-Fierce,Fierce,Strong
Akuma		-Fierce,Fierce,Short
Zangief		-Fierce,Fierce,Forward
Akuma		-Fierce,Fierce,Roundhouse

Extended Combo Mode:

Hold the joystick right then press start then short at the character
select screen. 

Fight Arkane:

You must be fighting in Bison's lair. Look for Blade to appear in the
background and press start as soon as you see him. 

Fight Cyber:

You must be fighting in the dungeon stage. Get a perfect on the first
round and wait for the middle platform to fall, as soon as it falls
press start and you'll find yourself face to face with Cyber. 

Random Character Select:

Hold the joystick up and press start at the character select screen. 

Team Mode:

Press start then round house at the character select screen

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