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Street Fighter Alpha 3

Hidden Characters:

First your Street Fighter Alpha 3 machine has to have been "on" for
about a month. These codes are dependent on the time release feature
much like the Tekken series by Namco.

For Balrog: go to Karin, stay there while holding start for 5 sec. Now
go to any random box still holding start and press any button.

For Juni stay on Karin for 5 sec. go to any random box. If on the right
side hold right, if on the left side hold left then press any button.

For Juli stay on Karin for 5 sec. go to any random box. If on the top
hold up, if on the bottom hold down then press any button. 

Low Guard Meter:

Make sure that the Title screen has a BLUE background. Hold LP+LK.
Select any character. Pick your ISM. Your Player will always hav a low
block meter. 

Super Hard Survival Mode:

While at the title screen, hold down mid-punch and mid-kick and press
start, then choose your character and -ism. You will see at little icon
says L/O On/Off at the mid-bottom of the screen when you are playing. 

If you lose a round, that's it!

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