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Street Fighter Alpha

Play as Akuma:

At the Player Select screen, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Left,
Left for player two or Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right for
player one. 

Play as Bison:

Highlight "?" then hold Start and press Down, Down, Back, Back, Down,
Back, Back + Jab + Fierce. 

Play as Dan:

Press and hold Start to begin a new game. At the Player Select Screen,
move the cursor to the question-mark in the lower-left corner for Player
One or the lower-right corner for Player Two. Quickly tap Jab, Forward,
Roundhouse, Fierce, Strong to Dan's normal outfit or Fierce, Roundhouse,
Forward, Short, Jab, Strong for his alternate color. 

Secret Stages:

In two-player mode, either player must press and hold START then go to
Sagat or Bison (Vega) and wait 5 seconds. Next, go to any other
character, release START and press any button. 

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