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Sega Rally Championship

Faster Car:

To get a super fast version of your car, run through the gears from
1st to 4th (ie, 1st then 2nd then 3rd and 4th in that order), in the
car selection screen. You should hear a whoosh sound if you are
successful. You can now press the accelerator on the car of your choise. 

Practice Lakeside Track:

To practice the fourth track, "Lakeside", which is not usually avalible
unless you place first in the championship, do the following:

In the course select screen, hold down the brake pedal, turn and hold
your steering wheel to the right to highlight "Mountain" (but do not
select it), now run through the gears as follows, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd.
(You have to go back into neutral before hitting 3rd gear the second
time.) If successful you should hear a whoosh sound. Do not select
Mountain, wait for the timer to run down and select itself.

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