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Rival Schools: United by Fate

Alternate Colors:

To change any character's colors, hold START and press any button
while selecting them. 

Real Ending:

To see the REAL endings to this game, here's what you gotta do. Get
up to Chapter 7 and beat either Raizo or his partner (or both) with
a team up manuever. After that, you'll face the real boss, Hyo. Beat
him and the real character endings and credits will appear. 

Story Game:

To play a game where storylines appear in between stages, choose two
characters from the same High School. Here's a list of schools and

School      Students

Taiyo       Hinata, Batsu, Kyosuke
Gedo        Gan, Edge, Akira
Pacific     Roy, Tiffany, Boman
Gorin       Shoma, Natsu, Roberto
Justice     Kyoko, Hideo

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