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Raiden Fighters

Bonus Planes:

Raiden MKII: at title screen, hold down, then start, from left of
[?], move and hold right into [?], then press A.

Judge Spear: at title screen, hold down, then start, from up of
[?], move and hold down into [?], then press A.

Slave: [Note: This code can ONLY be used if the game setting is that
you can choose the other two (made available) w/o a code]. Goto any
plane, hold joystick up or down, press start+A+B together. 

After entering one of these codes, move to any plane, hold the
joystick UP or DOWN, then press START+A+B. 

Golden Icons:

Shoot at enemies until you get icons that's worth 90 points. Get a
drone icon. Shoot enemies until you get icons that are worth 900
points. Get another drone then repeat the process to 9,000 points. 

Smaller Drones:

To get the small drones, first start the game like you always do.
In the "Select your Planes" screen highlight the plane you want. To
get a small drone on the first player side, hold up or down
depending if the plane is on the bottom or top row. Then press first
player start button, the fire button and the bomb button together.
If you get it the screen will have a question mark on it. To get the
small drones on the second player side do the same thing but, press
the second player start button. 

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