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Off Road Thunder

How to enter codes 
All codes are entered by pressing the yellow button before picking 
a truck or track. This will bring up the "enter code" screen. The 
"truck code" codes can only be entered at the truck selection screen. 
Use the camera buttons to enter the codes. Red = 1, Orange = 2, and Yellow = 3 

Drive the Chieftan Truck 
Enter : 111  

Drive the Dust Devil car 
Enter: 123  

Drive the Hyena Truck 
Enter: 333  

Drive the Wild Cat Truck 
Enter: 222  

No Drones  
Enter: 121 (must be 2 player game) 

No Nitros 
Enter: 212 

No catch-up 
Enter "313" as a code  

Unlock "Cliffhanger" Track 
Enter: 321 

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