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Maximum Force

Secret Rooms:

Mission 1, Scene 1: Bachelor Pad

After the section with the boat, hit the three square white cans. Two
near the middle of the screen in front of the brown crate and one in the
lower right corner. 

Mission 1, Scene 2: Sharks

I'm not 100% sure about this one, but it seems like you have to hit
"everything" while under water, including the stuff hidden behind the
grass by the entrance of the pipe that you eventually swim into.

I'm curious as to what happens when you hit one of the occasional
swimmers, you don't seem to lose any lives. Maybe you lose points, or are
they just a distraction? 

Mission 1, Scene 2: Poolside scene

This one has me stumped. Maybe Derryl DePriest from Atari Games will give
a hint about this one. I've only seen it once...

What happens is that in the underwater room where you shoot the depth
charges, you stick your head above water for a moment and there's a bunch
of people sunbathing. After a few moments, you duck back underwater and
when you surface this time, it's the normal game. 

Mission 1, Scene 2: Pain In The Glass

Hit all the scuba tanks (and the raft?) on the beach. Some near the guy
with the metal detector and some near the kneeling woman. 

Mission 1, Scene 2: Falling Heads

Still on the beach, hit the two water towers. 

Mission 1, Scene 3: Chicken Fry

Hit all the fire extinguishers. 

Mission 1, Scene 3: Carnival

You are on a raised catwalk sort of thing. It has a left turn in it and
then it goes through a short tunnel to get to where the missle launchers
are. There is a civilian in a lab coat hiding behind the barrel right where
the catwalk makes it's turn. Hit the two lights on the wall on your right,
beyond the civilian. 

Mission 1, Scene 3: Star Shooting

Hit all the nuclear warheads right before the part where the two missile
launchers start shooting at you. (I might have the room names switched on
the last two) 

Mission 2, Scene 1: Carnival

Shoot all the posters on the gazebo. 

Mission 2, Scene 1: Bachelor Pad (?)

Shoot the three lights on the wall of the bank. They are on the right hand
side of the building (facing as you are about to walk into the building).
You get a couple of opportunities to hit these. 

Mission 2, Scene 2: Pain In The Glass (?)

Shoot all the flower pots sitting along the top of the bank teller counter. 

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