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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Play as Dio 
To play as Dio.Move the cursor to Alessy, D'Bo, Chaca and Milder. 
Press the START button on every character you move into then press 
START three times when you get to Milder. A hand with a pencil 
will appear and will draw Dio's cursor thus making him a 
selectable character. 

Play as Shadow Dio 
To play as Shadow Dio.Simply make Dio as a playable character then 
highlight Dio then press the start button 10 times. The "faceless" 
Dio will appear.  

Play as Young Joseph 
To play as the young Joseph.Move the cursor to 
Jotaro, Polnareff, Joseph, Kakyoin, Iggi, Avdol and back to Joseph.
Press the start button on every character you move into then hold 
start when you get back to Joseph and the picture of the young 
Joseph will appear after a while. 

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