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Area 51

Kronn Hunter Mode:

At the beginning of the game, shoot the first three STAAR team
members you see with the first three bullets (don't reload or
miss.) If you did this right you'll enter Kronn Hunter mode.

In this mode, you are a mercenary from the Kronn hierarchy sent
to steralize Area 51 of the Kronn rebels. You will notice that
the grenades, bullets, shotgun shells, and machine gun bullets
have all taken on a Kronn form. You will also gain 20,000 extra
points whenever your score is tallied, and you can shoot STAAR
team members with impunity. 

Power-up Room:

After your first progress report in Area 51, where it tells you
your percentage and things like that, you will see a wall lined
with windows. Shoot all the windows across the entire wall and
you will be in the power up room, where you can see aliens
attacking women and power-ups all over the screen. 

Secret Area before Final Boss:

Right before you fight the Final Boss when you are outside, you
will go to an area with zombies throwing barrels [NOT GRENADES].
Shoot all the barrels that are not thrown, and you will go to a
secret area filled with power ups. 

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