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Gauntlet Legends

Level 55 Wizard 
Enter the letters "LBE" and pin # "222" and you will get a level 55 Wizard. 

Level 99 Valkyrie 
To be a level 99 Valkyrie, put you initials as COP and your PIN as 012 

Level 99 Warrior 
To play as level 99 warrior just enter the initials JOE and password 123  

Play As Valkyrie... Nude! 
To play a nude (but censored) Valkyrie, choose Player 2 (the blue joystick) 
and enter the initials "NUD" and pin "069". Then pick Valykrie as your character.  

Play as Pojo 
To play as Pojo the Chicken, choose Player 2 (the Blue joystick) and enter 
the initials "EGG" and PIN "911". Then pick Pojo the Chicken as your character.  

Punch Thru Walls 
If there are Golems on the other side of a wall, walk up to it and hit 
FIGHT and you can kill the Golem without getting hurt. 

Save your Character 
Just enter as your name AAA and as your password 123 

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