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Mountain King

Programmer credit:

Allow the game to enter demonstration mode, in which your character 
dances and jumps to the top of the hill with the fire. After this 
sequence completes, move your character to the very bottom to the 
location of the spider's cave. Stand on top of the cave, near where 
the spider usually exits. Have your character stand on the far right 
side of this location so that his left foot is just touching the top 
of the cave and his right foot is in mid-air. Briefly press Down to 
move your character partially into the side of the cave. Note: Do 
not move all the way to the floor. Then, press Left to pass into the 
cave and continue moving in that direction, jumping if necessary. 
Your character should begin to fall through the bottom of the screen 
and pass a message with the programmer's credits. 

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