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Flying Nightmares

Cheat mode:

Save a game under the name BRICK#MODE. Load this game, start a 
mission, and press LS + RS while on the carrier. The Harrier will be 
invincible in this mode, and can be flown anywhere. The only item on 
the aircraft that can be damaged is the HUD, which may disappear. 
Additionally, the cheat allows a total of 255 Harriers to be 
available for multiple ejections. 

Taking off:

Always let your wingman take off first in order to avoid a collision. 
It is best to be at zero throttle when starting on the carrier deck. 
Turn off the wheel brakes, then hit full throttle. After pulling up 
from the flight deck, reduce drag by retracting the landing gear. 


Dive to increase speed and climb to decrease speed. 
Once proficiency is achieved with the nozzle jet control, the Harrier 
may be stopped quickly in mid-air and hover. 

Do not attempt drastic turns at a low attitude. 

Do not reduce the throttle to below 75% in order to have power 
available for evasive maneuvers. 

Use the Auto Pilot if the aircraft is out of control or has trouble 

Keep watching the plane's radar system for valuable information. 

Always eject before crashing. 


An AWACS plane will notify you of enemy bogies in the area. In the 
center of the cockpit, below the HUD display is a black box. During 
combat, a phrase such as "10 OC H" may appear here. This is an 
AWACS warning that indicates that an enemy aircraft is approaching 
from "10 O'Clock High". 

Enemy aircraft are hard to spot at combat speeds. Select the AIM9 
missile before the enemy is engaged. While searching for other 
aircraft, the missile will make a humming sound when it locates the 
enemy. Fire the missile when a red circle appears in the HUD. 

Experiment with weapon payloads on targets. The Hydra rocket is 
the best overall weapon to stock. 

SAM sites that appear in later missions can be deadly. Minimize 
their threat by first attacking with a set of HARM missiles to 
destroy the SAMs. Then, follow-up with a second attack using 
Mavericks and Hydras. When attacking SAM sites in Fast Mode, the 
chance of enemy SAM missiles hitting your aircraft is reduced by 
approximately 75%; however, enemy Sidewinder missiles will still 
pose a serious threat. 

Make use of the terrain when attacking targets. Mountains will 
shield your aircraft from enemy radar. 

Your aircraft can easily be attacked by five enemy aircraft on 
any mission. Use the AIM9 missile to counter this threat. 

The enemy C130 aircraft must be acquired visually and will not 
present a AIM9 lock. Use the cannon to bring it down. 

Use caution when landing on Auto Pilot. Enemy aircraft will often 
follow your plane and attempt to shoot it down as it lands. If 
enemy aircraft are spotted trailing your aircraft, circle your 
fleet a few times and let the Navy gunners take out the enemy. 

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