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Escape From Monster Manor

Exploring new sections:

Use the strafe buttons (LS and RS) when approaching an unexplored 
section. Strafe into it, then back. This will allow the room to be 
viewed, and if there is something there, it will not have enough 
time to react. 

Level with multiple doors:

On the level with all the doors, the door on the right side of the 
top section takes you to the Exit. The door to the Talisman is in a 
door in the center of the map. This door is at the bottom of the 
right side. 

Grave cave:

There are two keys on the Grave Cave level that must be obtained to 
complete the section. One is at the bottom left section of the map; 
the other is in the top right portion. Once they are collected, use 
them to open the bottom door (which leads to the Talisman) and the 
top door (which leads to the exit). 

Final level:

The last level of the game is not very difficult to complete. The 
exit is in the bottom left hand portion of the map screen, and the 
Talisman section is in the area of the top right section of the map. 

Defeating the monsters:

Grim Reapers
They are the slowest monsters, but if your character is cornered, 
they will inflict massive damage. Fight them at a distance if 

They are slightly faster than Grim Reapers, and are very powerful 
when they attack. Ghosts can combine into one another. The brighter 
the ghost, the more there are. Ghosts often look around corners and 
are easy to hit. 

Head Monsters
These monsters are fairly fast, and have a tendency to spit at your 
character. If one of these monsters spits at point-blank range, 
your character will die. Fight these monsters at a distance. 
Another advantage Head Monsters have, is that their spit also acts 
as a shield, protecting them and any monster behind them. When 
first seen, a Head Monster will have a flesh toned appearance. It 
cannot attack in this state, so shoot it. Avoid contact when the 
monster has a purple appearance. 

These little creatures are the most aggravating monster in the 
game. They like to travel in groups. The spider is fairly fast, 
and shoots green goo at your character. The spider is not very 
powerful, but may be the cause of wasted ammunition. Shooting at a 
spiders is difficult because they can only be hit while jumping. 
Fight them at close range; they will jump sideways at a distance, 
but will jump straight up when approached. Low on ammo when 
fighting a spider? Run! Just keep pushing forward at the spider, 
and when it jumps, run past it. 

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