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Demolition Man

Blood mode:

Press RS, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right at the main menu, 
with the "Start", "Password", and "Option" selection. Blood will 
splatter on the screen to confirm correct code entry. 

Debug mode:

Press P to pause game play. Then, press LS, A, Up, Down, RS, Up to 
activate debug mode. The last three letters of the password will 
change to PWR to confirm correct code entry. Press B + Up or B + 
Down to scroll through the levels and screens, which will appear in 
the password box. 

VRGN 1 through VRGN 5 are five secret Doom-like levels that are 
modeled after the interior of Virgin Studios. 

PASSWQRD displays the Password Select screen. 

OPTIONS displays the Options menu. 

TTLSCRN displays the Title screen. 

LQGQS displays the Q Sound logo screen. 

LSTNG#BTH displays the Listening Booth. Press Left or Right to 
select a song and P to play or pause. 

CRDTS displays the Credits screen. 

SCQRS displays the High Score screen. 

GMWNNR displays the game winning scene. 

GMQVR displays the game over scene. 

Virtual sex bonus:

Complete the game with one million points in blood mode with medium 
or hard difficulty to view a Virtual Sex scene between Sylvester 
Stallone and Sandra Bullock. An easy way to accomplish this is to 
play the secret VRGN levels. To restore your health, pause the game 
and select a different level. To restore your health when fighting 
Wesley Snipes in the final level, pause the game and reselect that 
level. After one million points are accumulated, pause and enter 
the code for the game winning scene. After being congratulated by 
Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock will ask if you want to have 
sex. Answer "yes" for the Virtual Sex scene and the sequence will 
begin. Perform the sequence four times when asked "you want to do 
it again?" and Sandra Bullock will respond, "You are a savage man, 
John Spartan!". 

Shooting Gallery 1:

Shoot barrels and boxes for health, bonus life, and machine gun 
power-ups. Any box or barrel that explodes can be shot at multiple 
times to increase the hit bonus without sacrificing the accuracy 
rating. Try to shoot enemies on the first shot for extra points for 
shooting accuracy. Hitting something that is not killable or 
explodable are considered misses for the purposes of bonus and 
accuracy calculation. When on a gallery with grenade launchers, 
find and kill them quickly. They inflict the most damage. Use the 
machine gun on the enemy bosses when possible. Reload the gun 
during pauses in the action. 

Shooting Gallery 2:

The man throwing grenades from behind the barrel can be killed by 
shooting at the barrel until it explodes. 

Shooting Gallery 3:

In this section, after all of the opponents are dead, a helicopter 
lifts off to shoot at Stallone. Shoot the helicopter before the end 
of the stage, while your opponents are still attacking. Shoot the 
engine several times and the helicopter will blow up. 

The Museum:

Shoot any stationary object that beings moving when Phoenix 
approaches. Some of these items may move once and are not easily 

Museum Shooting Gallery 1:

Shoot display Phoenix is hiding behind; then blow up the robot 
tank; finally, shoot the bomb that is hanging from the plane. 

Museum Shooting Gallery 2:

Shoot the electrical box that Phoenix hides behind (the light 
fixture will gradually lower above Phoenix). Then, shoot the light 
fixture and it will fall on Phoenix. 

Maze Chase:

Stallone does not have to follow Snipes in the tunnel levels. Just 
free the cryoprisoners and get to the exit. If Snipes is followed, 
he will eventually take a path to the exit, but it can be reached 
without him. The easiest way to do this is to follow the objects. 
When an intersection is reached, look down each hallway. The one 
with the object is the correct hallway to take. 

Car Chase:

During the car chase, get to Snipes' car with enough fuel to kill 
him during the fight scene. This is done by running over the "FUEL 
AHEAD" signs on the road. If fuel runs out during the fight scene, 
Stallone will lose a life. The bonus for running over the "50 MPH" 
signs on the road increases with each collected. Running over the 
"BE WELL" signs on the road repairs damage to the car. 


To win, block often. Each attack does a certain amount of damage. 
When a block is successful, Stallone will always do the correct 
counter attack which does double damage. This is also true for 
Snipes, so when the difficulty is set on "hard" he mostly blocks. 
To get him to swing, fake an attack by pushing the block button 
immediately after an attack is launched. Use different moves and 
combinations; Snipes will counter effectively if the same move is 

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