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VR Stalker

Cheat mode:

Highlight the "Objective Menu" option and press LS, A, C, A, C, B(3). 
A picture of a creature will appear to confirm correct code entry. 
All the following codes must be entered from this screen. 

God Mode
Press C, LS, RS, C, RS, X, LS, A. 

99,000 Missiles
Press B(3), LS, C, A, C, LS. 

99 Planes
Press RS, X, LS, X, C, B, A, X. Extra planes are removed when the 
current level is won. All planes, including the F-117, F-119, and 
X-2, will also be available. 

X2 Superplane
Press A, A, C, B, RS, LS, B, A. 

Level passwords:

The following passwords allows the corresponding mission to be 
started with all of the aircraft. 

Mission             Password 

Utah                M79-LQG-77K 
Arizona             5KK-LQG-77K  
Texas               M37-LQG-77K 
Gulf of Mexico      1AD-LQG-77K  
Colorado            15O-LQG-77K  
Nevada              5U1-LQG-77K  
Tennessee           1QO-LQG-77K  
Arkansas            CCT-LQG-77K  
Virginia            CC7-LQG-77K  
Indiana             EW3-LQG-77K  
California          ESO-LQG-77K  
Pacific Ocean       EAT-LQG-77K  
Washington D.C.     SAH-LQG-77K  
Florida Keys        CUD-LQG-77K  

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