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Road Rash

Walk around:

Brake until your speed is 0 MPH. Press LS + RS, Up. Your character 
will dismount from the motorcycle, and can explore the scenery. 

Change volume during FMV and menus:

Press LS to decrease and RS to increase the volume of the music. 


On the Peninsula track in level three or higher are two businessmen 
with odd shaped clown faces, large blue shoes, and peculiar objects 
in hand. They can be found at the 6.5 - 6.6 mile point walking back 
and forth on the road. If you punch or hit them, their pants will 
fall to their ankles, and they will be left wearing only red and 
white boxer shorts 


Special cows are present on the Peninsula track on the other side 
of the right side guard rail near the clowns. If you punch or hit 
them, they will put up their hoofs to shield their eyes, while 
standing on two legs. 

Dirt road:

Go right on the first fork in road of the Napa Valley track, 
located at the 1.9 mile point. 

Floating tree:

Play the Pacific Highway track in level four or five to see the 
floating tree at the 8.7 mile point. 

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