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Return Fire: Maps Of Death

Unlimited vehicles:

This code must be done separately for each vehicle and must be 
repeated if a new map is started. Choose a vehicle from the vehicle 
select screen. Press C to display the fuel/ammunition screen. Hold 
LS + RS + C, then press X. The "Leave Game" option will be displayed. 
Keep those buttons held, then hold Down and press A. Three light 
blue shadows of the selected vehicle will appear. 

Level   Single Player Password  

2       Smiley Face, Cup, Bird, Butterfly  
3       Heart, Cup, Heart, Cup  
4       Umbrella, Rabbit, Bear, Clover  
5       Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Cup  
6       Bird, Butterfly, Smiley Face, Flower  
7       Butterfly, Heart, Smiley Face, Butterfly  
8       Clover, Flower, Heart, Cup  
9       Smiley Face, Bear, Heart, Cup  

Level   Two Player Password  

2       Bear, Smiley Face, Clover, Bird  
3       Flower, Clover, Clover, Flower  
4       Heart, Flower, Heart, Bear  
5       Cup, Clover, Rabbit, Smiley Face  
6       Smiley Face, Umbrella, Heart, Bird  
7       Rabbit, Heart, Flower, Umbrella  
8       Butterfly, Umbrella, Cup, Smiley Face  
9       Butterfly, Bird, Rabbit, Bear  

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