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Rebel Assault

Skip mission:

Press Up + A, Down + A, Left + A, Right + A at the screen where the 
Lucas Arts logo appears in front of the Death Star. A ringing sound 
and voice saying "Lucas Arts" will confirm correct code entry. 
Press C during any mission to skip that mission. 

Level   Easy        Normal      Hard  

2       BOSSK       BOTHAN      BORDOK  
3       ENGRET      HERGLIC     SKYNX  
4       RALRRA      LEENI       DEFEL  
5       FRIJA       THRAWN      JEDGAR  
6       LARFRA      LWYLL       MADINE  
7       DERLIN      MAZZIC      TARKIN  
8       MOLTOK      JULPA       MOTHMA  
9       MORAG       MORRT       GLAYYD  
10      TANTISS     MUFTAK      OTTEGA  
11      OSWAFL      RASKAR      RISHI  
12      KLAATU      JHOFF       IZRINA  
13      IRENEZ      ITHOR       KARRDE  
14      LIANNA      UMWAK       VONZEL  
15      PAKKA       ORLOK       OSSUS  
End     NORVAL      NKLLON      MALANI  

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