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Panzer General

Finish scenario:

To finish any scenario in the campaign game, hold X + P + C (in that 
order) and press Left. A menu will appear allowing the choice of 
achieving a major victory, minor victory, loss, or quitting the 

Game bug:

A bug in the 3DO version prevents the game from progressing to 
Washington when a major victory is achieved in Sealion 43. 
However, the game will allow access to Washington through Sealion 

Saved Game bug:

A save game can only exist with three other game saves (you can only 
have three other games saved in order to save one game of Panzer 
General). SSI has announced no plans to fix this, and contends that 
because the save game will become very large as the game progresses, 
there will be no room for any other games. 

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