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Guardian War

Debug mode:

Press LS + RS + C at the map screen. The screen will lock up, which 
is normal. Press Up, Down, Left, Right. The Japanese debug mode 
menu will be displayed. The menu is composed of fourteen lines: 

1. Start or load a new game. 
2. Brings you to the player status menu to equip characters with new 
   bodies and equipment. 
3. Brings up a shop in which you can buy any weapon, item, or body 
   in the game. 
4. Press A for 10,000 gems. 
5. Allows you to pass through a battle level without combat. 
6. Displays X and Y coordinates in battle mode. 
7. Allows free movement over the map without having to beat any 
8. Enable each character to use all the battle moves in the game. 
9. Prevents the HP and MP from decreasing. 
10. Display a Japanese interpetation of the map during combat mode. 
11. Continuation of map interpretation. 
12. Produces a blipping sound effect. 
13. Press A to increase your basic level by one. 
14. Press A to increase your class level by one. 

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