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Doctor Hauzer

Button          Effect
Left            Rotate left 
Right           Rotate right  
Up              Walk forward or push object  
Up + B          Run forward or push object  
Down            Walk backward  
Down + B        Pull object  
A               Action (search, take, use)  
B               Cancel option 
C               Jump 
LS              Toggle between three viewing modes: Third person 
                cinema view (game-selected camera angle), first 
                person view, or an overhead view.  
RS              Rotate mode: While pressed, use the D-pad to look 
                in any direction, including up or down, without 
                changing position or direction. In the third person view, 
                the character's head will move around. In the first person 
                this feature is used to look up or down.  
P               Brings up the inventory/menu. Left or Right moves through 
                the inventory items. Changing the bottom option will toggle 
                a textual (kanji) description of the selected item. A uses 
                the pictured item. Select the red book to save games or 
                return to the opening menu.  

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