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Captain Quazar

Disappearing wall:
Press P to pause game play. Then, press RS, LS, B(3), RS, LS, Up. 
All walls near Captain Quazar will disappear for a short amount of time. 

Press P to pause game play. Then, press LS, RS, LS, RS, LS, B. 
Captain Quazar will shout to confirm correct code entry. 
Captain Quazar's health will increase to 99, ammunition to 
50, rockets to 25, and grenades to 15. 

Subliminal messages:
Carefully watch the briefing to Level 2. Green pictures of 
the mission objectives will be displayed. When the screen 
zooms in towards the elevator to the mine, static will appear. 
The following phrase will quickly flash in the static: 

Audio messages:
Pause the game and allow the screen to dim. The chief will 
say various phrases (including singing a line from 
Swing Low Sweet Chariots) to the player while the game 
remains paused. 

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