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Pass to partner:
Press Up when you go to hit the ball and it will 
pass to your partner. Do this as many times as needed.

Spike the ball:
If the ball is close to the net, you can run up to 
it and hit it while you are running.

Turbo ball:
Perform the same moves as when spiking the ball, 
except farther away from the net.

Hot spot:
There is a spot on the volleyball court that a serve 
will land at a blind spot where your opponent can not 
return it. Run down about two inches and serve the 
ball as you are running. 

When your game of volleyball ends and the screen starts 
to change different colors, wait for several (if not many) 
minutes after the sun at the top sets. Eventually a shark 
fin will appear near the top of the screen. It will move 
from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. 

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