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Mountain King

Jumping higher:
Jump very high to catch ladders that lead to much higher places. 
Once up there, ladders can be added to allow even higher travel 
by plugging in paddles or other controllers in port two. 

Secret room:
Go to the very top of the mountain, where the fire located. Then, 
move one ledge below and position your character just to the left 
of the bottom of the fire. Jump left and hold the Joystick in that 
direction. When done correctly, your character will skip and launch 
into the air. Just as your character is about to descend, a set of 
four "dashes" will appear in the following pattern: 

     - -
     - -

Land on the dash, then jump up to reach a higher ladder. Hold on to 
the ladder to reach the secret room. Note: The game may crash while 
your character is in this location.

Quick scoring:
Go to the top of the biggest mountain, with the flame. Stand one 
level below the flame, near the left end of that level. Push Down 
to sit near that location and your score will rise very quickly 
without having to collect diamonds or other items. 

Change ladder and plateau parts:
Toggle the Left Difficulty switch, Right Difficulty switch, or 
Color/BW switch during game play. 

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