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Super shot:

Hold Reset + Fire to shoot to the other side of the screen. 

Teleporting shot:

Place your tank just to the right of the top left corner and fire 
into that corner. The shot will leave the screen and re-appear from 
the top right corner. 

Turbo tank:

Plug in paddle controllers and press both buttons to speed up your 

Spinning tanks:

Place both tanks in a position where one tank's turret is flat 
against the other tank. Turn the first tank so that its turret 
runs into the stationary tank. Both tanks will begin to spin in 

Flying tanks:

Select game 9 and begin game play. Rotate the tank on the left 180 
degrees and fire. If done correctly, the shot will bounce around 
the screen and hit the right tank. Both tanks should fly 
approximately three screens to the left before stopping. 

Switch tanks:

Select game 9 and begin game play. Rotate the tank on the right 180 
degrees and fire. If done correctly, both tanks will switch 

Bizarre game play:

Note: The following tricks require a disassembled Atari joystick in 
order to activate two opposite directions at the same time. The jet 
tricks can be used to hide inside a cloud and shoot short distance 
bullets that return.

White tank moves quicker and silently
Hold Left + Right + Down. 

White jet switches directions
Press Up + Down + Right. Shoot while holding those buttons to have 
the bullets leave the jets and return. 

White jet turns around
Press Left + Right + Down or Left + Right + Up. 

White jet turns around and switches directions
Press Left + Right + Up + Down. 

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