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Ridge Racer

More Cars:

 At the  Galaga  Now Loading screen, destroy every enemy ship and get a
 perfect score. When you start the game, more cars will be available to
 choose from.

Race backward on normal tracks:

 Start a race on any of the tracks and turn the car around right before
 you get on the main track.  As you speed toward the starting line, you
 see a wall and a  sign  that tells you are going the wrong way.  Drive
 through the wall and now you can race  backward  against the computer-
 controlled cars.

Race backward on extra tracks:

 Start a race on any of the extra tracks.  From the starting line, turn
 the car around when you reach 60  mph.  A wall appears at the starting
 line. Drive through the wall and race the track backward.

Rotate the Flag:

 At the title screen, simultaneously hold  L1  and  R1 and press Start.
 The flag turns transparent. While holding the top buttons, you can use
 the control pad to rotate the flag.

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